Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012-50 - Well-founded confidence

How is it possible to move confidently toward the future after experiencing a disappointing setback? By learning from that disappointment, and knowing that you can adjust your approach accordingly.

If confidence resulted only from success, no one would ever have the confidence to reach success in the first place. In all confidence there is necessarily an element of faith.

Certainly past successes can add to your confidence, but past disappointments do not have to erode that confidence. Because you have the wonderful ability to improve with each effort. You can make adjustments and apply the lessons you've learned through experience. Those valuable lessons are yours to use in a positive way no matter what has happened before.

The powerful fact is that every experience can add to your confidence. The cheers and the sneers, the compliments and the complaints, the wins and the losses can all build confidence.

Take the best from what has happened and add the best of what can be. Move positively forward with a realistic, well-founded, ever-increasing confidence.

~ Ralph Marston

" Humor comes from self-confidence."

~ Rita Mae Brown

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