Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013-37 - The Speckled Axe...

Benjamin Franklin tells the story of a man, who in buying an axe from a local blacksmith, desired to have the whole of its surface polished as bright as the edge. 

The smithy consented to grind the axe bright for him if he would turn the wheel of the sharpening stone. He turned while the smith pressed the broad face of the axe hard and heavily upon the stone, which made the turning of it very fatiguing. The buyer stopped every now and then to check how the work progressed, and finally said he would take the axe as it was, without further grinding.

"No," said the blacksmith, "turn more, turn more; we'll have it bright by-and-by; as it is only speckled."

"Yes," replied the buyer, "but I think I like the speckled axe best."

Franklin reflected this may have been the case with many people; who having found the difficulty of obtaining the good and the breaking of habits in other points of vice and virtue, have given up the struggle and concluded that a speckled axe was best.

~ Benjamin Franklin

"Forgive yourself for your faults and your mistakes and move on."
~ Les Brown

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