Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013-46 - Up to you...

It is easy to be miserable. It is just as easy to be happy.

Being miserable will nourish and support your ego. Being happy will bring peace and fulfilment to your spirit.

Being miserable can be very dramatic, complicated and sophisticated. It can make you appear quite impressive to other people.

Being happy, on the other hand, is an expression of simplicity and freedom and joy. Chances are, others could be suspicious or resentful.

Once you have chosen to be miserable, it will require a great deal of energy and effort to maintain that state of misery. By contrast, when you choose happiness, that happiness actually brings additional energy and positive passion to your life.

The choice between happiness and misery is one you make in each moment, over and over again, day after day. Whether you're happy or whether you're miserable is completely up to you.

~ Ralph Marston

"We are our choices."

~ Jean-Paul Sartre

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