Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017-32 - Your Choice Is Here...

Here I am lying down listening to the beat of my heart, happier than ever, stronger than ever.

It got to the point in my life where I used to work every night, till the sweat ran like water on the floor... but one day, I said enough is enough. I stood up, I listened, and I made my choice. Now, it is time for you to make yours.

Are you just going to sit there and take what life is handing you, or are you going to get off your butt and start telling life what to give you. Because that, that is what living is all about. Not lying in bed crying about the ones you can't have, or those who don't want you. Trust me I was there, I did that, but I stopped, I opened my eyes, and I realized that those people - they are going to be the ones to come running back one day asking you to treat them the way you always did. That moment is when you have to make the choice to be stronger, or to be who you were.

I know it doesn't always feel that way, and you feel like you need someone, but in all honesty, do you, do you really? All you need in your life is having those around you that encourage you to become a stronger person and a better human.

So, stop using excuses in your life and start keeping your word, not to those you promised something, but to yourself, because soon enough you will realize that sticking to your word made you the new and improved you.

~ Stephen Roos

"Stop using excuses and start owning up to what you did and said!"

~ Author Unknown

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