Tuesday, July 2, 2019

2019-27 - Know where to start...

Two guys were given a test of strength and were given five years to lift a bull which would be almost five times their own weight.

The first guy took a full grown bull and started to lift it without a second thought. No matter how harder he tried, the bull didn't budge. Each day he tried harder and harder exercising to his fullest potential.

The second guy went straight to a calf and started taming it. Each day he could effortlessly lift the calf while the first guy sneered at him thinking him crazy.

Five years passed and the first guy is still trying. The other bull has grown into its full size and so did the muscles of the second guy. With an incremental effort and a lot of patience he could finally lift the bull that his calf had grown into.

Always remember, before you learn anything it's important to know where to start. Start small. It's okay.

But if you have the patience to hold on and stick to it, some day it's going to be a game changer of your life.

~ Author Unknown

Big achievements come one small advantage at a time.

~ Jim Rohn

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