Tuesday, July 23, 2019

2019-30 - One Night In Instanbul!

It was May 25, 2005. A beautiful evening in Istanbul. Over hundreds of thousands of fans anticipating THE Night to Remember.

Liverpool v/s AC Milan. UEFA Champions League Final!

A few defensive errors led to a shocked score of 3-0 Milan at the halftime mark. This could even make the most optimistic person say, "The game is done.", but was it?

The 40,000 Liverpool fans started singing "Walk On with Hope in your Heart and You'll Never Walk Alone."

The Legendary Captain Steven Gerrard called his team and said "Lets give our fans something. Lets WALK".

The belief returned and what he world saw next was just speechless. From a bizarre first-half to a magical second half, the team had transformed from a cat in the backstreet to the King of the Jungle.

Gerrard  scored the first Liverpool goal, a wonder header. And the belief was strengthened. Liverpool were level within 15 minutes thanks to a Smicher sreamer, and a cool Xabi Alonso penalty rebound!

Eventually the match was decided by penalties and Liverpool won!

~ Author Unknown

That's how to WALK and yes, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

~ Author Unknown

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