Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012-51 - Incompetence behind authority

Jean was walking with his grandfather through a public square in Paris.

At a certain point, he saw a shoemaker being mistreated by a client, whose footwear showed a flaw. The shoemaker listened calmly to the complaint and apologized, promising to correct the error.

Jean and his grandfather stopped to have coffee at a bistro.

At the table next to them, the waiter asked a man to move his chair a little in order to make space. That man burst into a torrent of complaints and refused to move.

"Never forget what you have seen today," Jean's grandfather said, "the shoemaker accepted the complaint, while this man next to us didn't want to move.

"Useful men, who do useful things, don't mind being treated as useless.

"But the useless always judge themselves as being important and hide all their incompetence behind authority."

~ Paulo Coelho
" We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done."

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012-50 - Well-founded confidence

How is it possible to move confidently toward the future after experiencing a disappointing setback? By learning from that disappointment, and knowing that you can adjust your approach accordingly.

If confidence resulted only from success, no one would ever have the confidence to reach success in the first place. In all confidence there is necessarily an element of faith.

Certainly past successes can add to your confidence, but past disappointments do not have to erode that confidence. Because you have the wonderful ability to improve with each effort. You can make adjustments and apply the lessons you've learned through experience. Those valuable lessons are yours to use in a positive way no matter what has happened before.

The powerful fact is that every experience can add to your confidence. The cheers and the sneers, the compliments and the complaints, the wins and the losses can all build confidence.

Take the best from what has happened and add the best of what can be. Move positively forward with a realistic, well-founded, ever-increasing confidence.

~ Ralph Marston

" Humor comes from self-confidence."

~ Rita Mae Brown

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012-49 - Never Stop Learning

The one thing in life that can never be taken away from you is your education. You can lose your money, your home, your job, and even your family. You can never lose the things you learn.

Education is not just what you learn in school, not by a long shot. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of “finishing” their education when they graduate. And education is not just learning facts. Education is learning how to learn on a continuing basis.

It is more important than ever that you never stop learning. With the rapid advances in knowledge and technology, information quickly becomes obsolete. So you must learn not only the facts, but more importantly, how to find the information you need.

Computer technology is a powerful tool for learning. With computers, you can have access to a virtually unlimited supply of information. My two year old daughter, who already knows how to use a mouse to find what she wants, will probably have fingertip access to the entire world’s libraries by the time she learns to read.

If you are not continually updating your knowledge you will be left behind. You must always be looking for a better way to do something, for the knowledge that will make you more effective. Because you can be sure that your competition is doing just that.

~ Ralph Marston
" All men who have turned out worth anything have had a chief hand in their own education."

~ Sir Walter Scott


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012-47 - Joy to the World…

We go through life seeking for moments of joy and pleasure. We often hope that once our desires become fulfilled, we can finally be happy. Yet happiness is not an ideal somewhere off in the distant future. Instead it is within us at all times, waiting to emerge.

Happiness is a state of mind, starting in moments of quiet contentment that emerge when we find our way into deeper awareness and consciousness. Heaven and hell are states of mind. We can access higher states of mind by going within and accessing what is there. Within is a peace that stays with us when we are connected to the deepest levels of ourselves. While moments of pleasure inspired by external events may still be joyful, they are fleeting. The joy we find when we go within is far more enduring, and more real than we can ever believe possible.

Deeper connection can be discovered through the practice of presence. As we let go of how things should be, and become present to what is, we begin to experience a deeper connection with ourselves, and with the world around us. We can then interpret things according to what serves us best. Then each moment is a moment of joy and pleasure, and we have no searching to do. The moment of now is what we are really supposed to find. The door of happiness is open, and we can walk through it into our own personal Garden of Eden.

~ Author Unknown

"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be."
~ Abraham Lincoln

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012-46 - Whatever it takes…

A long time ago there was a great General who was faced with a situation which made it necessary for him to make a drastic decision to insure his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his army on shore to face a powerful enemy, whose men outnumbered his.

He loaded his soldiers into boats, and sailed to face the enemies on shore. When they reached the shore, he ordered them to unload the soldiers and cargoes. He then ordered for all the ships and boats to be burned.

Addressing his men before the battle, he said, "You see the ships and boats going up in smoke? That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now, have no choice - either we win, or we perish."

They WON!!!

~ Author Unknown

"A true champion, face to face with his darkest hour, will do whatever it takes to rise above."
~ Kenny Powers

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012-45 - Different things motivate different people…

There was a young boy who used to come for regular practice but always played in the reserves and never made it to the soccer eleven. While he was practicing, his father used to sit at the far end, waiting for him.

The matches had started and for four days, he didn't show up for practice or the quarter or semi-finals. All of a sudden he showed up for the finals, went to the coach and said, "Coach, you have always kept me in the reserves and never let me play in the finals. But today, please let me play."

The coach said, "Son, I'm sorry, I can't let you. There are better players than you and besides, it is the finals, the reputation of the school is at stake and I cannot take a chance."

The boy pleaded, "Coach, I promise I will not let you down. I beg of you, please let me play."

The coach had never seen the boy plead like this before. He said, "OK, son, go, play. But remember, I am going against my better judgment and the reputation of the school is at stake. Don't let me down."

The game started and the boy played like a house on fire. Every time he got the ball, he shot a goal. Needless to say, he was the best player and the star of the game. His team had a spectacular win.

When the game finished, the coach went up to him and said, "Son, how could I have been so wrong in my life. I have never seen you play like this before. What happened? How did you play so well?"

The boy replied, "Coach, my father is watching me today."

The coach turned around and looked at the place where the boy's father used to sit. There was no one there. He said, "Son, your father used to sit there when you came for practice, but I don't see anyone there today."

The boy replied, "Coach, there is something I never told you. My father was blind. Just four days ago, he died. Today is the first day he is watching me from above."

Self motivation is the key of success...

~ Author Unknown

“Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do."

~ Orison Swett Marden

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012-44 - The Thousandth Man…

One man in a thousand, Solomon says,
Will stick more close than a brother.
And it's worth while seeking him half your days
If you find him before the other.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine depend
On what the world sees in you,
But the Thousandth man will stand your friend
With the whole round world again you.

'Tis neither promise nor prayer nor show
Will settle the finding for 'ee.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em go
By your looks, or your acts, or your glory.
But if he finds you and you find him.
The rest of the world don't matter;
For the Thousandth Man will sink or swim
With you in any water.

You can use his purse with no more talk
Than he uses yours for his spendings,
And laugh and meet in your daily walk
As though there had been no lendings.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em call
For silver and gold in their dealings;
But the Thousandth Man h's worth 'em all,
Because you can show him your feelings.

His wrong's your wrong, and his right's your right,
In season or out of season.
Stand up and back it in all men's sight -
With that for your only reason!
Nine hundred and ninety-nine can't bide
The shame or mocking or laughter,
But the Thousandth Man will stand by your side
To the gallows-foot - and after!

~ Rudyard Kipling
" Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies."

~ Aristotle

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012-43 - The giant tree…

A carpenter and his apprentices were travelling through the province of Qi in search of building materials.

They saw a giant tree; five men all holding hands could not encompass its girth, and its crown reached almost to the clouds.

“Let’s not waste our time with this tree,” said the master carpenter. “It would take us forever to cut it down. If we wanted to make a ship out of that heavy trunk, the ship would sink. If we tried to use it to build a roof, the walls would have to be specially reinforced.”

The group continued on its way. One of the apprentices remarked:

“Such a big tree and no use to anyone!”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” said the master carpenter. “The tree was true to its own destiny.”

“If it had been like all the others, we would have cut it down. But because it had the courage to be different, it will remain alive and strong for a long time yet.”

~ Paulo Coelho
" All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

~ Walt Disney

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012-42 - Understanding


Keep in mind that every person with whom you come in contact today has a perspective that is different than yours. Though you have much in common with others, there are many differences as well. Even those who agree with you have a different perspective than your own.

No one else knows exactly what you know. No other person shares your unique set of experiences, just as you do not share the exact same experiences as anyone else.

Your success in working with other people will depend largely on the degree to which you are able to understand and consider their unique perspectives, and on your ability to make your own perspective understood.

Your knowledge, your experiences, your opinions, your assumptions are not necessarily shared by others.

Make the effort to sincerely understand, and to be understood. It will add value and effectiveness to every undertaking.

~ Author Unknown

"Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom."
~ Clifford Stoll

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012-41 - Happiness...

God created Man 'happy'. But Man did not use happiness properly. So God took it back from him. God asked the Angels, "Where do we hide happiness?"

One of them said, "We should bury it deep in the earth."

God said "No... Man will dig deep into the earth and find it."

Another Angel said, "Well... in that case, we put it into the deepest sea."

But God said, "No... one day Man will go down into the depths of the sea. He can find it there easily."

All the Angels said together, "We cannot hide it in the earth, we cannot hide it in the sea... Then where can we hide it? What shall we do?"

God smiled and said, "I have a plan, we'll hide it in Man's heart. He will never think of looking for it there!!"

Man started his search for happiness from that day onwards. He never thought of looking for happiness in his own heart, and, the search is still on...

~ Author Unknown

"Happiness depends upon ourselves."

~ Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012-40 - Happiness on Hold...

We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we are frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are.

After that, we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with. We will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage. We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, or when we retire.

The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when? Your life will always be filled with challenges. It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway. Happiness is the way. So, treasure every moment that you have and treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time with... and remember that time waits for no one.

So, stop waiting

--until your car or home is paid off
--until you get a new car or home
--until your kids leave the house
--until you go back to school
--until you lose ten pounds
--until you gain ten pounds
--until you finish school
--until you get a divorce
--until you get married
--until you have kids
--until you retire
--until summer
--until spring
--until winter
--until fall

There is no better time than right now to be happy.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

So - work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching.

Hope for the best and never forget that anything is possible as long as you remain dedicated to the task

~Author Unknown
“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2012-39 - Do not blame others…

A student went to his teacher. “I shall not continue with my studies” he said. “I live in a small house with my brothers and parents, and never have the ideal conditions for concentrating on that which is important.”

The teacher pointed to the sun and asked his student to place his hand over his face, in order to hide it. The student obeyed.

“Your hand is small, yet it can completely cover the power, light and majesty of the great sun. In the same way, the small problems manage to give you the excuse you need in order to hinder your progress along your life.”

“Just as your hand has the power to hide the sun, mediocrity has the power to hide your inner light. Do not blame others for your own incompetence.”

~ Author Unknown
“There is an infinite difference between a little wrong and just right, between fairly good and the best, between mediocrity and superiority.”

~ Orison Swett Marden