Tuesday, July 30, 2019

2019-31 - The begging bowl...

Once a beggar saw the King walking and approached him. The King asked, "What do you want?"

The beggar said, "I have just this small begging bowl. Don't think about my worth. Fill it with something that you think you are worthy of. But remember one condition: the bowl has to be filled completely."

The King called his prime minister and told him, "Fill his bowl with precious gems so that he will remember for his whole life that he has met with an emperor."

But immediately there was a problem: the moment anything went into the bowl, it disappeared. The question of filling it seemed to be impossible. Slowly, all the precious stones disappeared. Then gold and silver. By the evening, the King himself was a beggar, and the bowl was as empty as it had been in the morning.

The King fell at the feet of the beggar and asked, "I have failed to fulfill my promise; forgive me. But what is the secret of your begging bowl?"

The poor beggar laughed. He said, "I found this skull of some dead man. I cut it in the shape of a begging bowl. The secret is, man's skull is so small, but even the greatest empire is not going to fill it. It will go on asking for more. The magic is in the human head. Everything disappears and the desire for more remains the same.

~ Author Unknown

Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe, the human head.

~ Michio Kaku

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

2019-30 - One Night In Instanbul!

It was May 25, 2005. A beautiful evening in Istanbul. Over hundreds of thousands of fans anticipating THE Night to Remember.

Liverpool v/s AC Milan. UEFA Champions League Final!

A few defensive errors led to a shocked score of 3-0 Milan at the halftime mark. This could even make the most optimistic person say, "The game is done.", but was it?

The 40,000 Liverpool fans started singing "Walk On with Hope in your Heart and You'll Never Walk Alone."

The Legendary Captain Steven Gerrard called his team and said "Lets give our fans something. Lets WALK".

The belief returned and what he world saw next was just speechless. From a bizarre first-half to a magical second half, the team had transformed from a cat in the backstreet to the King of the Jungle.

Gerrard  scored the first Liverpool goal, a wonder header. And the belief was strengthened. Liverpool were level within 15 minutes thanks to a Smicher sreamer, and a cool Xabi Alonso penalty rebound!

Eventually the match was decided by penalties and Liverpool won!

~ Author Unknown

That's how to WALK and yes, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE.

~ Author Unknown

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

2019-29 - Follow your passion...

"Yes, I am serious sir!" she said in all excitement. She was sitting in front of the college Principal on the day of admission. The college was in a distant town and was far from her small village.

"Your academic performance is great," the Principal began in a calm voice. "Pick whichever stream you want, but why this one? Do not expect other girls to join you! Which girl does this course? This stream is a monopoly of boys."

"Sir," she responded in her calm voice. "I have dreamed this! I want to do this! I know I can, and ever since I knew what I loved, I wanted to live this! Why should I curb my dream just because I am a girl? And do I look like a normal girl to you? Give me a chance and I will prove my worth." she replied. Her voice was firm.

The Principal knew at that moment, that she was more than the boy-cut hair and jeans. He looked deep into her eyes and they were sparkling with confidence. "What was your name again?" the Principal asked her while he looked into the admission form.

In a voice filled with enthusiasm, she replied. "Kalpana Chawla, sir."

~ Author Unknown

Follow your passion, and don't let anyone limit your dreams.

~ Donovan Bailey

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

2019-28 - Be the lion, not the wolf...

Once a young man left his village to meditate below a tree in a nearby jungle. He used to come back to his village twice a day for food.

One day, he noticed that there was a paralysed wolf near the tree, and a lion came to feed it every day. He thought that there is a message in this that he should not leave the place of meditation for getting food. Someone will get food for him as it is being done for the wolf. So, he stopped going to the village for food.

After few days he began screaming in pain of hunger as nobody brought food for him. One wise man saw him screaming and asked  what had happened to him. The young man told him about the message he received from the wolf, getting fed by the lion. The wise man told him that there was definately a message, but you chose to be a wolf instead of lion.

The message was that instead of sitting here like the wolf, you should go and help others like the lion, you will get your share of peace and happiness.

~ Neil Underwood

Our life is shaped by the choices we make. Choose wisely!

~ Author Unknown

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

2019-27 - Know where to start...

Two guys were given a test of strength and were given five years to lift a bull which would be almost five times their own weight.

The first guy took a full grown bull and started to lift it without a second thought. No matter how harder he tried, the bull didn't budge. Each day he tried harder and harder exercising to his fullest potential.

The second guy went straight to a calf and started taming it. Each day he could effortlessly lift the calf while the first guy sneered at him thinking him crazy.

Five years passed and the first guy is still trying. The other bull has grown into its full size and so did the muscles of the second guy. With an incremental effort and a lot of patience he could finally lift the bull that his calf had grown into.

Always remember, before you learn anything it's important to know where to start. Start small. It's okay.

But if you have the patience to hold on and stick to it, some day it's going to be a game changer of your life.

~ Author Unknown

Big achievements come one small advantage at a time.

~ Jim Rohn