Tuesday, October 15, 2019

2019-42 - Sharing...

A husband and wife had been living together for 30 years. On the 30th anniversary of their marriage the wife, as usual, baked a bun – she baked it every morning, it was a tradition. During breakfast she cut it across, buttered both sides, and, as usual, gave the top to the husband, but her hand stopped halfway...

She thought, "On the day of our 30th anniversary I want to eat this rosy part of the bun; I was dreaming about this for 30 years. Finally, I was an exemplary wife for 30 years and I raised good sons for him. I put so much efforts and health for the well-being of our family."

So she made a decision and gave the bottom of the bun to her husband, but her hands trembled – breaking the 30-year-old tradition!

Her husband took the bun and said to her, "What a wonderful gift you have given me today, my dear! 30 years I did not eat my favorite, the bottom-part of the bun, because I thought that it rightfully belongs to you."

~ Author Unknown

Share from your heart, and you'll do just fine.

~ Cathy Burnham Martin

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